Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Christmas Gift List: Sunset Gourmet

In September I was at a craft show at the Royal Canadian Legion in Belleville and across the hall from me there was a vendor with the yummiest looking display. From where I was located I could not quite make out what they were selling but it certainly looked good. Around lunch time I decided to go look. The vendor was selling a product that I had never heard of called Sunset Gourmet.  Lemme tell you the mixes and kits that they had were mind boggling. When I was starting to do the research for this series I knew that I needed to include this particular company. You could actually do all your Christmas shopping for grown ups right here. Seriously, check out some of the mouth watering treats.

Luckily a lady that lives not to far from me actually sells Sunset Gourmet, so I asked her to represent the company for my series. (See how much I love you...I hooked you up with the goods.)

Sunset Gourmet products offer convenience, affordable foods, gourmet flavors, and simple meal ideas. Incredible ideas for everyday meals and gourmet gatherings.

 Let's put FUN back into the kitchen, each and every day! Multigrain & Harvest Bread, Desserts, Soups, Gourmet Grill Sauces/Marinades, Preserves, Salsa, Gourmet Dips, Seasonings, and the most amazing Roasted Red Pepper and Onion Relish you will ever taste!
We have 28 Gluten free products.
We do tasting parties, book parties, fundraisers, vendor events and wedding showers. or