Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Illustrated Faith:Goals with Grace Bible page Layout.

I am working my way through all the past Devotional kits from Illustrated Faith. This week I have been delving into the Goals with Grace kit.

I have always believed that God brings things into our lives at just the right moment. Like an attentive parent he let's us struggle a bit just to strengthen us but then gives us a guiding hand.

That is how I felt when I began working through the Devotional.  I have been struggling with trying to figure out what I should be focusing on in this season of my life. My PTSD limits the energy and opportunity that I have to keep up with everything in my life. For every one item I can cross off my list, another 4 fall to the wayside. After awhile I find myself laying on my bed too overwhelmed to do anything.

Currently I am running a store from my house, trying to parent 3 special needs kids, be a wife, keep up a home, maintain my 2 blogs, youtube, instagram etc. while working on my therapy goals and attending weekly sessions. I feel like a duck, you know, everything looks calm, but beneath the surface the poor thing is swimming with all he has. I know that is not what God wants for me. Somewhere along the way I started striving for the wrong goals and forgot that I need only work towards HIS goals for me. The verse is in Phillipines and it reminds us to focus our energy on God's goals in order to receive the good things he has planned for us.

If you want to see what comes in the kit, feel free to check out my Unboxing video:

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Carseat Safety Awareness

You are likely thinking that this post is a bit off topic considering my usual theme of crafting and such. Just as much as I am passionate about creating I am also passionate about child safety. This is a "sponsored post" but close to my heart none the less.

We are just coming to the end of Car Seat Safety Awareness Week and I wanted to join in by helping to spread the message.

You may be in a season of your life where car seats are not much of a concern to you. You may not need a car seat in your vehicle, but I bet you have friends and family that do. Many of these people have not had their seat checked to ensure it is correctly installed using the car's latch system. There are clinics held by police departments and private organizations that will show you exactly how to use the safety restraint system in your car. Every car model is a bit different and it is sometimes difficult to get the seat properly installed. I remember as a foster parent we were required to attend a day long training which included a hands on lesson installing various car seats in our vehicles. They actually had us put our full weight on the seat while our partners fastened the restraint. Most people don't realize how tight those restraints need to be.

When looking for a new vehicle encourage new parents to do as much research as possible about different models of cars as well as car seats. A great resource to start with is Cars.com You will find a plethora of reviews and articles to help you make an informed choice. After they have made their purchase it is important for them to attend one of the free car seat clinics. It will offer them some peace of mind knowing their precious cargo is securely restrained.

If you are occasionally transporting wee ones in your vehicle be sure to aquaint yourself with the latching mechanism in your vehicle. It is not a fun experience trying to scramble to find the latch while dashing off to take baby somewhere. Be prepared that some latches are extremely hard to find and even harder to access. My fingers were mangled for the full 10 years I fostered from having to squeeze my fingers between the vehicle cushion to install whatever seat the child was using.

Attending a car seat clinic would be a great family activity for parents-to-be and grandparents to learn about car seat installation so they are all ready to go when the little bundle is ready to come home from the hospital.

If you are interested in attending a car seat clinic check with your local police services as they usually have a listing of local clinics.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Exploring the World of Travellers Notebooks

Well, I admit it. I am totally smitten with Travellers notebooks. May affection started with the Prima Lady like TN but it just rubbed me the wrong way. My Chic Sparrow has been a God send for keeping myself organized. Now my new notebooks are going to be used as Devotional holders, aspiration and affirmation holder, creative on the go supply holder. Excessive,  yes of course. If it helps me get more organized and be able to function in my daily life, I am looking at it as an investment in my health and well being.

I know you are not supposed to play favourites with your beloved planners but I have to say, at first inspection I love my Chic Sparrow as a wallet, the nayadori are my second choice, followed by the foxidori which the colours are not true to the pictures and I find feel very floppy

That being said, I have not got them decked out yet so my opinions may change. I will keep you updated as I try the different leathers and sizes.

Check out the planners I am working with right now: