Thursday, 28 April 2016

Local King Rubber Stamps: You've got to be good to be King

From my very first trip to Scrapfest, way back when, I have always made sure that I stopped to watch the art in action at the Local King Rubber Stamp booth. Back then it was just stamps. I even remember that she was using crayola markers and her stamps to create breathtaking mini pieces of art. I could sit and watch her over and over as she dabbed the stamps in a nonchalant way with her markers, huffed on them and then applied the image to the paper. I was mesmerized.  I say "she" as I could never remember the name of the lady that did the stamping.

This year I was amazed at the change and advancement of the product line. Stamps, matching dies, background stamps, markers and acrylic blocks all of which are so on trend right now thanks to the popularity of the Heartfelt Creations and Sizzix stamp and die combos. This year there was a make and take. I admit I missed watching the artist at work, but creating my own image was enough to get me in the buying spirit.

The difference in Local King Rubber Stamps is that they are not line art. They are reversed. Much like the two step stamps that have become so popular, but without the ...well...2nd step. You literally use your water based marker directly on the stamp and once it's stamped onto the paper, it's done.

These were my purchases from the show:

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Admiring the Diecuts from Southern Ridge Trading Company

One of my favourite finds from Scrapfest this year was the incredible diecuts from Southern Ridge Trading Company. I was amazed at the finite detail that Karen was able to obtain in her designs. 

I decided to start on the other side of the auditorium and by the time I made it to Karen's display there were already many empty boxes where customers had stocked up on the oh so cute embellishments.

These are the items that I bought and I am itching to get creating with them. In fact I fell so deeply in love with these designs I applied to become a design team member (fingers crossed) and I am going to stock some of the designs in my store. Feel free to get me to order in any you would like from Karen's site.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Still Catching My Breath From Scrapfest in Kitchener

I know these pictures are far overdue but I have literally not had a moment to sit at my computer and put a proper post together in weeks. I love these pictures of my partner in crime Juanette Fillery and I.

As I wrote in a post last year, I have been unable to attend Scrapfest for several years. It had become for me another huge hurdle that I just could not overcome. I was afraid returning to Scrapfest would hurt too much, make me remember how much I miss my friend Rebecca who used to attend with me every year.

I know that Rebecca was watching over us on April 9th as our bus load of fabulous ladies hit the road to Kitchener. I was so blessed that Rebecca's mother-in-law decided to come with me. I think it was good for both of us to make the return together.

A big shout out to Nicole at McCoy transportation who opted to upgrade our bus rather then take any risk with a bus with a minor issue. We loved the extra space (more room for our shopping treasures). Our bus driver was a hoot.

Lisa Sales-Furtney was a wonderful hostess, as always, and made each of us feel like VIPs. Her sense of humour kept us all in stitches. She even came as we were leaving and checked out the bus. We wanted to keep her but were promised that we will see her again soon.

There were so many beautiful displays this year. Everyone went all out to make the event a huge success.

Some of my favourite stops were Kraftin Kimmie Stamps, Southern Ridge Trading Co., Local Kings Rubber Stamps, Frog's Whiskers, Scrapping Turtle....there were so many this is just the short list.

I will be posting the goodies that I purchased while I was there throughout the week.

We are already planning our road trip to Kitchener for next year. Give me a call if you want to get in on the adventure.

One of the highlights of my day was grabbing a photo with Creative Scrapbooker Magazine's Publisher Katharina Doyle.

Friday, 8 April 2016

April Free Stamp From Gecko Galz.

I apologise. This week has been hectic with the final details of our bus trip to Scrapfest in Kitchener this weekend. I am so excited to have some of my absolute favourite papercrafters coming for the trip. A big shout out to Nicole at McCoy Bus line who did a fabulous job at getting our little adventure off the ground. Also, a huge thank you to my friend and Co-Hosts Cathy Dafoe and Angie McColeman for finding the fabulous ladies that are travelling with us. A special thank you to Lisa Sales Furtney the owner of Scrapfest for all her help in making this trip possible.

That being said, here is you beautiful free stamp. Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Art of Digital

I admit it. I have been very judgemental of people that say they are scrapbookers but then only do digital layouts. To me its all about finding the perfect weight and design of paper, The choice of embellishments and bling. Just using your hands to create a piece of art. On the flip side I am in love with drawing digital images. I realize how narrow viewed I have been.

When I first joined the amazing design team of Gecko Galz I was content having the images sized to fit my needs and then printed off to be used as a traditional element on my projects. I had no interest in using the images in my digital drawing.

This month was hectic for me personally. It seemed everyone had 15 appointments that required me to be out of the studio and often sitting in a waiting room somewhere. Thankfully I had my tablet with me. I love Autodesk Sketchbook and its what I use for all my digital painting. I started to play around with the images I had from Gecko Galz and started using the digital stamps as a form of adult colouring. Then I found myself importing the collage sheets, resizing, cropping even changing colours. It was like a whole new art opened itself up to me.

I will always be a paper and glue gal but it's really nice to have the option to create on the go. If you have wifi I would even recommend using Picmonkey which is a free online software that has lots of artistic freedom built in.

Feel free to play with the designs. Allow yourself permission to try something new.

These are some of my experiments from this month.