Thursday, 8 September 2016

September Free Stamp from Gecko Galz

September! Do you remember what September was like as a child. The freshly sharpened box of 24 new pencil crayons, the white eraser still wrapped snuggly in its protective cellophane and the brand spanking new pair of indoor running shoes that you tried on every couple of days just to feel how nice cushy they were. Good times. My children have a staggered start this year, they are each attending a different school this year. My oldest son started Tuesday, my wee munchkin will start next Monday and my daughter will head off the week after that. As you can imagine it has had me in a tailspin getting everyone organized. That left little time in the studio.

I decided to take the beautiful image contributed by Gecko Galz on the road with me, so to speak. I used my Samsung Galaxy tablet and Auto desk Sketchbook Pro to colour the digital image, creating a wonderful fall picture.

Be sure to grab your copy of the image and stop over to the Gecko Galz etsy shop for more adorable digital designs.