Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Grandma's Teacups Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies: Digital Art: Daughters of The King 1&2 By Tracy Sagriff

Hello friends. This poor blog of mine gets abandoned every so often when my life gets busy. With three munchkins in the house your can imagine how often that happens. I had promised that I would share my latest digital paintings on the blog, so here with no further explanation or fanfare are my two pieces. They were done using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Enjoy.

Feel free to print them off or use them in your crafting.

Friday, 20 February 2015

My Grandma's Teacups Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies: Top 5 Reasons To Scrapbook

We all have reasons why we choose the hobbies that we do. Some people like the calm satisfaction of following a pattern, cutting out material and stitching something together that will be useful and unique. Others enjoy the rhythmic motion of knitting something warm and cosy for a loved one. I am a papercrafter. I dabble in painting and clay but my true love is paper crafting.  As I child I had a duo tang that my sister Sherry had labelled in her lovely handwriting in blue ink. All through public school I added to the rough lined three hole punched papers with tidbits of newsletter articles, school badges of participation, ribbons, gift tags and anything else that could be held in with either scotch tape or Elmer's school glue. The world of pretty scrapbook papers and fancy adhesives had not even been introduced to me yet and I was already hooked.

In my twenties my husband and I became Foster Parents. Part of our role was to create "Memory Albums" for the children that came through our home. Many of these children had no pictures as their family moved around allot. I quickly became a huge advocate in the cause of Memory Preservation. No shoebox of pictures would accompany my kids through their journey. I began using a digital scrapbooking program called Picture It. It allowed me to take my pictures and scan them (prior to digital cameras) and manipulate them into beautiful pages.

We were at Costco one day and my husband saw a scrapbooking tote filled with K&C supplies. It was like $49.99 or something like that. He looked it over and said maybe I should get it and try making my kids pages using scrapbook paper and stickers. I was annoyed. What did he know about my creative process. I reluctantly purchased the kit and took it home. It sat on my shelf for almost two months untouched. Finally, one afternoon as I was frantically assembling the Life Book for a child that was going home I ran out of ink. Having several wee ones in the house at this point, running out to Staples was not an option. I grabbed that bag of supplies and started madly cutting out shapes and pictures. (amazing how many ink lines can just get cropped out). That my friends was the beginning of an obsession. When people ask me what I do and I tell them I am a professional papercrafter their eyes often glaze over. "I have no time", "I'm not crafty", "I have no place to keep all the tools" are often the responses given for a lack of interest in scrapbooking. To this, here is my carefully crafted list of the top 5 reasons you should for when I am being serious and one for when I am being a bit cheeky :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Grandma's Teacups Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies: 40 Years of Awesome -Party Pictures

Thank you to everyone that helped to make my 40th Birthday celebration an amazing success. Though it was perhaps a bit unorthodox I have to admit that it was my ideal day. Not only did I get to celebrate with all of my online community during a live FB event, I also had a chance to have an old fashioned tea party with a few of my closest girls.

There are so many people that helped to make my day so special and I want to thank each of you for celebrating with me.

Special thanks to Frosted 'N" Fancy for doing an amazing job recreating a cake I fell in love with on Pinterest.

Thank you to Yvonne's OG Cafe for providing us with the yummiest green and red teas I have ever tasted.

Thank you to Sara Kirby at Imagine Photography for the incredible photos that document this milestone.

Thank you Belleville Bakery for bailing me out on short notice with beautiful fresh sandwiches and treats.

When I look back and reflect on what has occurred in the last 40 years of my life I am humbled. I have met so many wonderful people and experienced so many things that I never could have imagined. I look forward to sharing another 40 years with all of you.

All my love,


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Grandma's Teacups Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies: Giveaway Time- Scrapfest Kitchener VIP Marketplace Passes

Several years ago I went to my first major scrapbooking expo. My girlfriend and I bought tickets from our local scrapbooking store Sweet Sentiments Scrapbooking to hop on the bus with the best bunch of women you could ever want to travel with. The ride to Kitchener flew by as we created cards to donate to charity upon arrival. The entire group was alive with the excitement of what might be at the show.

When we arrived at the arena we were greeted at the door by some fabulous organisers and Lisa Sales Furtney, founder of Scrapfest Canada. She helped us all get oriented as to where the marketplace was and where to go for classes.

When we entered the marketplace we were stunned by the amazing array of vendors and products. Every booth was decorated and displaying the latest products that we poor crafters in Belleville had only seen in our copy of Canadian Scrapbooker. We were able to try new tools and different types of media. We were hooked. In hindsight we should have purchased our boatloads of paper after we had made our rounds of the marketplace and finished our classes as scrapbook paper weighs allot after several hours of lugging it.

It seems nearly every booth had  a make and take project that we could complete for free. So many in fact that we had to choose just our favourites to complete or we would have missed our class.

One of the absolute highlights for me was having the opportunity to take a class with Vicki Boutin. She is such a talented papercrafter and I have been a huge fan of her work for several years. Having an opportunity to spend time discussing scrapbooking with her was like sitting at the feet of Michelangelo as he painted the Sistine Chapel. It was inspiring beyond anything I had done before and really drove my interest in scrapbooking.

Scrapfest became our annual pilgrimage. Without even having to talk about it we automatically cleared our calendars to be there each year. After the first year we began driving to Scrapfest and the journey became part of the adventure. Scrapfest then came to Oshawa and we revelled in having yet another day to set aside to explore the pastime that had become such a big part of our lives.

I still have my pink Scrapfest Shirt from that first year. Its faded and a bit unsightly but I will never part with it. Each time I bring it out I am flooded with the happy memories and sometimes nearly scandalous escapades Rebecca and I had at Scrapfest. I have not been back to Scrapfest since the Oshawa Scrapfest in 2011. Rebecca was killed in an accident a couple weeks after the event. Each year I watch the updates flood in about Scrapfest and I long to be there. To be able to tap into some of that vast creative energy that flows there. This year may be my year....

Lisa Sales Furtney was wonderful enough to offer two sets of VIP Marketplace Tickets for the April 2015 Show in Kitchener, Ontario. So, four lucky My Grandma's Teacups fans are going to be going to SCRAPFEST.

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