Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why a Traveller's Notebook will change your life.

I know, you are a doubter right?  Change your life is a pretty big claim but I assure you once you set up your first travellers notebook you will never look back.

If you follow my blogs you likely know that I struggle with severe depression, anxiety and panic disorder and now have been diagnosed with diabetes and PTSD. That is allot to keep track of. One of the side effects of these issues is that I often forget things, conversations, things I said I would do, times of appointments, even to pick up milk.

It was sq uggested by a couple of members of my team that I always carry a notebook and record  everything I am asked to do, my schedule in detail, detailed lists and even phone numbers to call when I have a totally blank moment.

I immediately thought planner as I am a longtime planner girl.  I adjusted the contents of my A5 Webster Pages ring bound planner but honestly it was just too bulky to carry all day. Then I discovered travellers notebooks. You can customise the inserts to suit your needs. There are so many ways to personalize the set up with dashboards, paperclips, ephemera etc.

The more you adapt your TN to your needs and interests the more you will find yourself immersed in its pages. The trick to planner success is actually making it a place you love. If you want to learn more about Travellers Notebooks jump over to my YouTube channel and check out my planner perfection playlist.

Here are a couple of my videos showing my TNS.