Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Christmas Gift List: Trophy Wife Aprons

As you know I love all things vintage and rarely do I fall in love with something this cute and trendy. It does have the vintage vibe since it is an apron...but let me tell you...these are certainly not your Grandma's apron. Not mine anyway. They are so cute you will want to get one for all the women on your Christmas List. Emmanuella is a true artist with her sewing designs.

Hi everyone, my name is Emmanuella Koenig with Trophy-Wife Aprons.

I started to sew as a teenager on my mom's sewing machine. I bought my very first portable sewing machine at 21 years old. I felt like a queen with my new toy. I worked in an office up to few years ago and made all my clothes. Fabric was less costly then.

I have 2 sons which sometimes, as you know, can take-up quite a bit of my free time. I have the best husband in the world... sorry ladies, he is mine and all mine!

I love wearing aprons and because it was impossible to find nice ones out there, I decided to make my own. I am a perfectionist, so it my own aprons had to make me feel pretty. I bought an old Halloween costume pattern at Value Village last winter. It was a nurse uniform. I changed it, changed it and changed it some more until it became the aprons that I sell now.

I overlap 3 individual skirts to make my aprons. All of it is cut on the bias (sideway), so it takes "a lot" of fabric to make one. I buy my supplies at retail like all of you. One day, I will qualify to buy at wholesale, but for now this will have to do.

My husband came-up with the name Trophy-Wife Aprons.

I opened my Facebook fan page last January 10th 2013. I guess word-of-mouth took off faster than I expected. I now have over 7000 fans and still growing. I hope you all can visit it at

Thank you for taking the time for reading my story.

I wish you all the very best for the Holiday Season.

Emmanuella XOXO

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