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Monday, 8 August 2016

Gecko Galz Free Digital Stamp for August

Hello friends. Have you been enjoying your summer? I have been so busy shuttling kids to and from activities the time flew right by. I do have to apologise to you though. I messed up. In an effort to be the super efficient Mom that can juggle her blog while sitting with her kids at a splash pad.....well, I did not notice that the blogger app inverts the month/date for posts when it send them. So I am sitting in the shade under a lovely tree enjoying the breeze and watching the kiddies puddle under the spouts, feeling rather proud of having set my blog post to run on July 8th. Little did I know it was all messed up. So in case you were not able to get the July stamp due to my faux pas I thought I would post a link to it here and you can go back and grab it. In fact I feel so bad for the mix up that I will go back and put a link to each of the free stamps donated by the amazing Leanne Seed of Gecko Galz. Be sure to go check out all the other digital yummies in their Etsy shop. Gecko Galz Etsy Shop

First though, here is the adorable stamp for August.

I love this stamp. I have had it in my own collection for some time and was so happy when I received the email that it would be available to all of you this month. I had so much fun colouring in all the tiny details.

I had intended to make a bookmark for myself out of the image but my daughter fell in love with it and convinced me that she needed it more than me. I promised to colour another on for her, but to no avail....her power of persuasion was just to much. Colouring another one for myself will have to go on my project list. Though I am excited to have a reason to colour another one.

Here are the links to the past freebies:

July's Free Stamp
June's Free Stamp
May's Free Stamp
April's Free Stamp
March's Free Stamp
February Free Stamp
January's Free Stamp

Be sure to let your friends know that they can help themselves to these adorable images. In fact, feel free to share this post on your favourite social media. Just click the button and boom, you will be the most popular crafter in your group.

It's hard to believe my first year on the Gecko Galz design team is half over. I am still so excited about all the great things that are coming. Insider tip: expect a chance to bounce around in October as Gecko Galz hosts a super fun blog hop. I will keep you posted...no pun intended...of the dates and details.

Before I sign off I wanted to share my....ok my daughter's new bookmark. I think it turned out so cute. Sorry the pictures are off. I am trying to learn how to use a new camera.