Saturday, 31 May 2014

Celebrate 30 Years of Creativity with an AMAZING Offer from Close To My Heart

Do you remember when you were a kid and had the chance to go to a birthday party? The games and the cake were all so much fun....but honestly, weren't you a bit excited to get that loot bag at the end? I was! In celebration of Jeanette Lynton's 30 Years in the papercrafting industry Close To My Heart has cooked up some wonderful goodies for us to enjoy. Consider this your invitation to the party!

These are the goody bags! Your choice for only $30 with a qualifying purchase.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Capturing the Magic in your Layouts

This is one of my favourite stamp sets from the 2014 Spring/Summer Close To My Heart Catalogue. It makes me feel nostalgic for the days when my not so little girl still believed in the tooth fairy. I love working on layouts that preserve that feeling of enchantment. The simple belief in the existance of magic. Unicorn Dreams is that kind of stamp set. I have a laundry list of things that I am planning to use this on. If you fall in love with this set as much I have please contact your Close To My Heart Consultant...or me if you are in Canada to arrange to have a party of your own. This stamp set is a Hostess Exclusive. There are many ways to host a party to earn this cute set...catalogue, Facebook or a Home Gathering are all fun and easy ways to get your hands on all the free and discounted goodies that Close To My Heart offers to their Hostesses. Visit My Grandma's Tea Cups Close To My Heart for more information. Any order over $150 (before taxes and shipping) counts as a party and qualifies you to purchase this set for only $10. Of course, with an order of $150 you get $25 in your choice of free products so you may even choose to receive this magical set for free.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

New Collections from Close To My Heart

One of the most frequent questions I receive from new papercrafting enthusiasts is "what do I need to get started?" My answer is almost always the same, "That depends on what you want to do." Papercrafting is a huge area of techniques, products and tools. Without having at least an idea of what you would like to try first it is quite easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the huge selection of papers, inks, tools and goodies. The problem is that we often purchase products with no clear plan for what we intend to use them for. I am sure that is how many of us began our hoarding issues. The colours and textures available are amazing and it is so easy to give in to the lure of the pretty designs. By having an idea about the specific area you would like to try first it is much easier to purchase supplies that will help you achieve the desired results. I find that cardmaking it often a great place to start. It takes very few supplies and has no real pressure or the  time commitment required that jumping into making a scrapbook for your daughter's graduation gift may bring. Close to My Heart has come out with some exceptional collections to help you get your papercrafting off the ground!

Contact me or visit My Grandma's Tea Cup's Close To My Heart. Be sure to click shop and then product collections to view all the details about these must have kits.

I would start with either the Essentials Toolkit or the Stamping Basics and then build your collection out from there.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Herbal Essences: Naked

Since my teenage years oh so very long ago I have been a fan of Herbal Essences. I have pretty much always had thick curly hair so I was constantly trying new combinations to tame my unruly locks. I used to call it my "Curly Cocktail". I think my first job was merely to keep me in hair products. Times change and so do the needs of our hair. My hair is still very curly but now I have to be careful about strong scents and allergens in products as it can trigger my asthma.

The Herbal Essences sample that I received in my Buzz Kit  to review impressed me. It does have a scent but it is not a strong floral smell. It also does not overpower you. I think people with severe allergies to scents might find it a bit irritating but for me, I thought it was just right.

My hair felt really smooth when I washed it with the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. It certainly did not feel like there was any residue left behind.

The part of the sample that I fell in love with was the Souffle. It really did add a ton of volume to my hair. It kept my curls in shape and bouncy all day. Absolutely loved it.

If you are in the market for a new hair collection you should definitely try Herbal Essences Naked.

I invited some of my friends to try a sample of Herbal Essences Naked and after the initial shock and a quick clarification of what they were being asked to do they agreed.

Niki said :I love it, made my hair feel great. I would definately buy it.

Kelly said: I loved it! I went away to Ottawa last weekend and forgot to pack my normal hair products. Thank goodness I had the Herbal Essence samples in my purse:). I used them and was a little worried-not my regular product/hair with a mind of its own/no product to use before straightening! But my hair went off without a hitch! I have been using it all week with great results! Thanks so much:)

Kelly#2 will let us know how she likes it soon.

I really liked this line of products and would definately...and did....recommend it to my friends. Try it for yourself and find out what all the buzz is about!

Disclaimer: I am a Buzz Agent...sometimes they send me free stuff to this...but I get to tell you my opinion of the product. #GotItFree

Friday, 9 May 2014

Favourite Recipes Are Meant To Share

One of the wonderful things about being a papercrafter is the myriad of products available to make our projects exactly the way we envision it. If you are like me, sometimes that looming collection of possibilities is overwhelming and you really just want to focus on the project at hand.  I find this is true in baking too. Some days I want to experiment with different ingredients and flavours, others days I just want to know exactly what to put in the bowl to get the desired result.

Close To My Heart has a wonderful collection of "how to" books that are recipes for beautiful well designed cards and layouts. If you are just beginning with scrapbooking Reflections is a perfect place to start. As you progress with new skills and techniques you can move on to Cherish and Imagine and then Magic. Cardmakers will delight in all the ideas in the Originals and Wishes books. If you are interested in something with a bit of everything included you are in need of the Make it From The Heart Books. After over 15 years of papercrafting I still reach for these books to give me a kick start to my projects.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the these titles please visit my website