Thursday, 15 October 2015

I've moved over to the dark side : +5 reasons you should too

The Spectrum Noir side that is!

Last week my new collection of Spectrum Noir Markers arrived. All except the cool greys which are on backorder....I guess a lot of people are busy drawing the dreary skies. I was unsure whether I would like them as well as my Copic markers or my ShinHan, but now I am convinced that this is the maker collection I have been dreaming of. You dream of markers too right, it's not just me?

#1 There are all these beautiful colours to use

#2 The reinking system is so easy

  • Each bottle has a dropper cap and will refill pen at least 5 times.

#3 You can get different styles of nibs to suit your colouring style. 

  • These next generation replacement nibs fits in the chisel nib end of the Spectrum Noir markers.

#4 They are less than half the price of Copic and ShinHan Markers

#5 They offer free instructions and video tutorials to get your accreditation. This is very cool as it costs allot of money to take the courses you need to get Copic certified.  They give you a certificate and a blinky to show off on your blog.

+ bonus # 6

They feel really nice when you work with them. They are large enough that you feel like you have good control while you colour and the grip is very comfortable. I really like the nibs that come with the pens so i am unlikely to switch to the brush nibs. The colours are deep and vibrant and the colour palette is wonderful. 

I don't regret switching over to the dark side at all and I don't think you will either.

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