Monday, 5 October 2015

My Grandma's Teacups: Focus on You Series: Guest Post By by Rosiland Burch, Handcrafted Jewelry Designer

"Wearing Fierce Jewelry Makes You Feel Fabulous”

Women wearing fabulous jewelry that builds the self-esteem and confidence, is something that I get to experience with clients all of the time. Working with these extraordinary women on the daily bases, gives me the opportunity to peer into their world to see why they love wearing fabulous jewelry as the main accessory in their wardrobe as they conquer the world.

As a world renowned handcrafted jewelry designer, my job is to create beautiful jewelry that will transform each client into the fierce woman, who’s ready to take on life’s chances. We are talking fabulous everyday women, who takes on families, careers, educational pursuits, or reinventions due to life’s changes. These are the women that I have the absolute pleasure of accessorizing with fabulous jewelry.

 Now let us tell the truth!  We as women have a lot to deal with as we take on the cares of the world, which often takes the focus off of our personal needs as women. We get so caught up in taking care of home, meeting deadlines at work, or running businesses that we neglect the fact that we need to sparkle, while we are being the queen on the chessboard in the game of life.  That’s right, I said “sparkle.” Yes, I am talking about wearing jewelry that will start conversations or make you feel like you should be on the front cover of Vogue.  Fabulous baubles such as necklaces, statement pieces, chokers, earrings of all sizes and shapes, and rings with amazing color should adorn your ensemble. Believe me when I tell you that your favorite jewelry pieces can make a difference in how you perceive your situations in life. Walk with me for just a moment. Let’s say that you get up feeling some kind of way, “PERIOD”. You don’t really have time to recalibrate your thinking because you have to get everyone as well as everything in order before you leave, this includes yourself. So in the midst of everything,  you are thinking about what you are going to wear from head to toe as well as how fast you can get it on, so you start the day that you feel should end before it gets started. Now, this is because you are thinking about everyone else but yourself. Now, imagine restarting the same day with same set of circumstances. This time, you are taking a few extra minutes to plan your look. So now, you get to plan what you wear, which now includes the new or favorite jewelry pieces that makes you feel so empowered when you wear them as you take on this hellish type day. This change or sense of empowerment you feel comes from how you feel when you put on those pieces of jewelry that simply takes you somewhere within yourself that makes you feel fierce, powerful, and fabulous in your own right. Even I, have a kickass statement necklace that makes me feel like I am on top of the world!

Article by Rosiland Burch, Handcrafted Jewelry Designer