Wednesday, 27 January 2016

ATC Swap from Saturday's Crop:Angie and Juanette's masterpieces.

The ladies certainly rose to the occasion creating some really cute ATC.  Our them was kittens (after all it was to support the kitten rescue).

Now that all the ladies had a chance to see what an ATC looks like, we expect more will participate at the crop in March.

Here are the cards:

Angie McColeman

Juanette Fillery

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

2016 Canvas Corp Creative Crew 4x4 Canvas

Gone are the days when a quick photo could be your avatar for identifying your work. I am rather glad of that as I am less than photogenic.

Canvas Corp Brands was generous enough to send each of the crew members 2 4x4 canvas to create a design that best represents our crafting style. If you have a moment be sure to go and look at all the designers projects as they are just lovely.

How did I do it:

  • I coated the canvas with a thin layer of Gesso before laying down my base colours of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (garden fairy, wedding pink.)
  • Once the canvas was dry I adhered half of an old cotton doily, ensuring that all the loose edges were securely attached.
  • After the glue dried I sprayed the doily with  Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (wedding pink).
  • I used two rolled roses that I had made over the holidays, two homemade hatpins, a cross charm and a homemade cameo to complement the colour pallets. I added the metal corner filigree and crochet bow  and finished it off with a sentiment from Canvas Corp Brands "The Watering Can"
  • I finished the canvas off with a thin coat of Tattered Angels Dazzling Diamonds.

Monday, 25 January 2016

ATC Swap from Saturday's Crop

Today is actually Friday but I wanted to post the picture of the ATC that I will be taking to Angie McColeman's Crop in Kingston tomorrow. This is the crop that is held to raise money to support Angie's Kitten Rescue.  If you are still interested in supporting this worthwhile cause but can't make it to the event please message me and I will get you in contact with Angie.

I was surprised that so few ladies were able to take part but I am sure that the ones that do will do a wonderful job. I will share the other ladies work later on this week.

Here is mine.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Word & Paintery Colour Challenge For January

The Canvas Corp Creative Crew was challenged to participate in a colour challenge with the design team from Words and Paintery this month. If you are not familiar with Words and Paintery, they issue a new colour pallette and phrase each month to inspire creative folk to stretch their comfort zone. You can read all about the January challenge and even take part for a chance to win some really cool crafty supplies. Visit here to check it out.

It took me awhile to complete my piece as I was struggling with the colours. As you know I am more a tan, pink, green kinda gal. It's all about trying new things though, so here is my entry.

Materials Used:

Canvas Corp. Brands watering Can (Owl and corrugated paper)
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (Sky, Riptide, Sea Glass)
Spectrum Noir Markers
Egg Image from Graphics Fairy
Leaves from Ebay
Ribbon from Ebay
Close To My Heart Liquid Glass
Ranger Black Enamel

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Got a monkey on my back....on my

Hello everyone. I have heard from many of you that you are unable to get to the blog directly as a pop-up is blocking the screen and will not close.  I am working diligently to remove this nuisance but as yet I can not find out where I put the html script in the page. I apologize that it has been so frustrating for you. I promise I will find a solution even if it means moving the blog to get rid of it.

Hoping that you are having a wonderful crafting day. I have 6 projects partially finished and drying on my worktable. I can't wait to show you what I have been busy with today. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter or RSS for your favourite blog reader until I get the site fixed.

Happy Crafting


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mixed Media Canvas Using Gecko Galz Fair Maiden Ephemera

Good morning. I have been playing around with mixed media allot more lately. I usually stick to very vintage, shabby chic projects that are light and airy. I decided to push myself to create a piece that was a bit darker. Perhaps I went a bit too dark.

What do you think?

I used Gecko Galz Fair Maiden image 1 as my base using it as a transfer onto the canvas. That is why she is backwards. I forgot to invert her before I printed. I added crinkled tissue paper to the canvas around her with mod podge. Once it was dry I painted all around her in black. I am not sure if you can see it from the picture but I added a layer of lace for the inside section of her mantle. I created the mantle using resin roses that I had coloured using my pomegranate Tattered Angels Glimmer mist and a few white ones along the base. Once they were adhered using Craft Medley Clear Glue, I began adding the buttons. I covered the buttons in a light coat of gesso before spraying with several shades of blue glimmer mist. Once it was all dried I sprayed the entire project with Dazzling Diamonds Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I added the adhesive backed stars as an afterthought to try to brighten the piece up. All in all I really like it, but I think I am going back to light and

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Unlimited Craft Inspiration: Crafty Ladies From Girls, Giggles, Glitter and Glue

Do you ever have those days when you want to create something but your mind just draws a blank. I have those days even though I am surrounded by every possible crafting tool, paper and embellishment a papercrafter could want. On those days I hop over to my favourite facebook group Girls, Giggles, Glitter and Glue. They are the most creative collective of crafters I have found. Its like having all your best gal pals over for a girl's night every time you pop in. I decided to start a playlist of some of their videos. That way when I am too tired to craft I can just sit back and be inspired. I thought you might enjoy this playlist too. Be sure to subscribe to my channel for all the latest videos.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Gecko Galz Art Journal...the video....

Sometimes I wonder if my pictures are able to get the fine details of a project across. I decided to do a quick video to showcase the Gecko Galz Art Journal that I posted last week. If you missed the post be sure to go back and check it out. There is a free stamp on that post courtesy of Gecko Galz.

Gecko Galz Art Journal: Go get the free stamp here!!!

Watch the video here.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Canvas Corp Creative Team Supply Haul

Oooohhhh I am super excited to share with you the box of goodies that I received as part of the 2016 Canvas Corp Creative Crew. If you fall in love with this stuff, wait until you see the beautiful designs they launched this week at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show in Anaheim. There are so many new items coming my brain is filled with ideas.

This is my video of the unboxing. If you have not used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists go out and get a few next time you are shopping. I suggest buying them at least in twos but preferably threes so that you can create shading effects. Much like our alcohol marker tutorials. you want a light, medium and dark shade. If your budget is a bit stretched after the holidays, I suggest getting a neutral colour like dazzling diamonds that will just provide a fine glimmer effect to your project.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Angie's Kitten Rescue

I know not everyone is a cat person. My husband is most certainly not a cat all...ziltch. Still, it is so sad to see so many cats running around loose. The last few years there has been such an increase in ferral cats in the area that I live. It breaks my heart to see their skin and bone frames, matted fur and often injured little bodies. One effective way to reduce the number of cats running wild and suffering under harsh conditions is to make sure that kittens receive their proper immunizations, are spayed or neutered and are found loving homes to adopt them. My friend Angie does just that. She rescues litters of kittens and cares for and loves them as they proceed through to their new homes. She opens her home and her heart to all these little fur balls and asks nothing in return.

I would love to adopt one of her sweet kitties, my German Shepard would love a playmate, but we have kids with allergies. So in a show of support for this great lady I am trying to raise some money to help out her cause. Kitty chow and litter are not cheap, let alone all the vet costs.

So I put a little bundle together that you can bid on to help out. Please visit my ebay listing

Thursday, 7 January 2016

January Gecko Galz Feature: Art Journal

Hello and welcome to everyone visiting me from the Gecko Galz blog. First of all I want to say how thrilled I am to be part of the 2016 Gecko Galz Design Team. The wonderful papers and images are entirely my style. The creative group of ladies that are on this team are so inspiring to work with. 2016 is going to be such an exciting year.

I decided to use the beautiful stamp that the Gecko Galz provided as a freebie for all of you. It was the perfect sentiment for the art journal that I was creating for 2016. I paired it with one of their other digital stamps from the Fairies Stamps digital stamp collection.

 I printed the images off separately on my HP Inkjet printer. I started with the Beauty and Truth stamp and coloured over the foliage and banner with pencil crayons. I then began shading with my spectrum noir alcohol markers being very careful not to allow the ink to saturate the paper so much as to smear the inkjet image. I found it works best to colour small areas in isolated patches and allow them to dry before colouring the adjacent spaces.

The incredible fairy image comes to life with just a few highlights on her dress and some bold blue on her wings.

After the images were completely dry I adhered the fairy to the sentiment and began highlighting using stickles in pink, green, yellow and silver.

Using some purple and white paint along with a bit of teal glitter paint I created a background on white cardstock.
 I adhered the cut out coloured image to the background and then used mod podge to add it to the cover of my art journal. Making sure all the wrinkles were our I gently dabbed an extremely light coat of Mod Podge over the entire image and background paper. Let me stress.....extremely light. Once that layer was dry I applied another coat of Mod Podge to the entire page.

Using some adhesive backed gems from the Dollar Tree, I outlined the image border and also the page border.

I am so excited to use this new journal for all my inspiration notes this year. Working with the ladies on the Gecko Galz design team, I am sure that it will be filled up in no time.

Be sure to grab the free stamp and also visit Gecko Galz store to purchase the fairies stamps collection.

If you love working with the Gecko Galz products be sure to show off your creations and get inspired by following the Gecko Gals Challenge group on facebook.

DIY Planner Pages: Cricut Explore Slice Feature and Gecko Galz Ephemera

Well we are finally coming to the end of this particular project. I hope you are feeling confident in your ability to use the upload and print then cut features of your Cricut Explore.

Today we will take those lessons and combine it with the Slice Feature. I have to tell you this is one of the most useful functions on the Cricut Explore. Having the ability to cut shapes inside other shapes makes it so easy to mass produce elements for classes and clubs.

Lets go back to our Cricut Design Space and insert one of the images from Gecko Galz that we have previously uploaded.

 Next you will want to select the shape that you are going to use for the planner page. I am using a cut from my Artbooking cartridge but many cartridges has page shapes you could use.

Click insert image, cartridges and the filter to your cartridges.

Select the shape that you think works best with your image. Choose insert.

Cricut Explore Air™ Machine + Ultimate Machine Set

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

DIY Planner Dividers: Print then Cut Feature with Gecko Galz Ephemera

So yesterday we walked through how to upload silhouettes to your Cricut Design Space. That is the option that I find that I use most often. Sometimes however you will want to use a particular image as the background for your project. You could always trace the pattern onto the image and fussy cut it. A more efficient way to do it is to upload the image directly into your Cricut software.

In this example I will be using images that I received from Gecko Galz. These incredible images make a wonderful backdrop for my cuts.

Begin by logging into your Cricut Design Space software. Then click on upload image just like we did in the tutorial yesterday. This time we are going to browse to the folder where we saved the images from Gecko Galz. You can see in the picture I already have a few in use.

Once you select your uploaded image from the library you can click the cut button. This will take you to the Print then Cut dialog. The first time you use this feature it will need to run an alignment (much like a new printer). The image must be printed on white paper in order for the Cricut to read the registration marks. Once prompted print the image on your printer and then adhere it to the cutting mat. The Cricut will make all kinds of beeps and bumps as it reads the registration marks on the paper. Once it has figured out where on the mat your image is it will quickly do all the fussy cutting for you.

Tomorrow we will explore (no pun intended) using Print then Cut images along with the Slice feature to create the lovely planner pages I showed you on Monday.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

DIY Planner Dividers: Uploading images to Cricut Explore

I have been a proud Cricut owner since the original baby bug came out way back when. There have been times when my loyalty waivered and I considered buying another type of electronic die cutting machine, but I am glad that I stayed the course. The Cricut Explore has added so many new features that have helped explode my creativity. I am constantly coming up with new things to make with my Explore.

Even having owned 3 prior Cricut machines, my Explore sat on the corner of my desk still in the box for three whole months. Every time I went in the studio I would see it sitting there, waiting to be discovered but I would just look away and get our my beloved Expression. Finally I mustered the courage to tackle whatever learning curve lay ahead and brought my shiny new wonder out into the light. I have not touched my Expression since.

Many people have asked me if they should upgrade to the Cricut Explore and I have answered in this way, "where will you be using it?" If it is going to sit on your worktable connected to your wifi then by all means you will love it. If you are planning to take it to crops with you there will be added task of ensuring that you will have stable internet access.

So for those of you that have made the plunge let's discuss uploading images to Cricut Explore.

There are two types of images that you will upload directly to Design Space (the Cricut Explore online design software) first of all images that you want to cut as a silhouette (which tends to be most projects) and images you want to use the Print then Cut feature for.

Lets look at a basic image upload first.

I usually begin by doing a quick Google search for images in the topic I am working on.  Often Google pulls up copywritten images so it is important to check the use policy on an image before your borrow it. If you are leary about breaking copyright another great resource is Karen Watson's The Graphic Fairy. She collects and restores vintage pictures that she distributes free of charge.

Using my original example you should end up with a screen like this:

See those images with lines through them or watermarks, stay clear of those. Choose the image you like and click view image. Right click and save the file somewhere you won't forget.

Open a new browser and log in to your Design Space account. Start a new project. Once your fresh page has loaded click on the tab to the left of your screen that says upload image. Then go ahead and click the blue button to begin the uploading process.

Browse to find the image that you saved then choose simple image and continue.

First thing zoom in so you can see what you are working on. Using the magic wand click on any white spaces to remove them. Pay close attention to small spaces like curls, fingers and ribbons. Sometimes there will be a grey outline in the image, I like to remove that as well in order to add more detail to the cut.

Once you have carefully removed the unwanted areas click continue. This will bring up the screen where you can rename, add tags and decide how you are going to use the image. In this case we will click save as cut image and then save.

After the image saves it will appear in your uploaded image library. You find this library by clicking the upload image tab. Once you scroll down, your image should be the first one in the line up. Click on it to load it and Voila, you can cut your image out as normal.

Monday, 4 January 2016

DIY Planner Dividers Using Gecko Gals Ephemera

Are you a planner addict? I used to be. When I worked in an office and had meetings to attend and important tasks to complete. After I began working from home I fell away from using a planner and graduated to the big calendar on the fridge and post it notes on my computer. Very professional.

The truth is I missed having my planner. I still have countless meetings and tasks that in hindsight are far more important than the ones I was responsible for in my twenties.

Last year I printed many of the lovely printables I found on pinterest. I found that it was costing me as much in ink as it would to just break down and buy a planner.

This year I decided to go with the "Color Crush" planner from Webster Pages. It is beautiful. I love the monthly and weekly calendars, there is plenty of space to write in. The downfall, I wish there were more pages for capturing ideas. So it looks like I will need to go back to Pinterest to find a few more add ons.

The one thing that I did love about my printed planner from last year was the dividers that I had made. Having my favourite images right in my planner is very inspiring to me.

Last year I used my Cricut Explore to cut out the pages and then just adhered to images I liked. This year I decided to get a bit more savvy and I uploaded the beautiful images from Gecko Gals directly into the Cricut Design space and used the print then cut and slice features to create beautiful layered dividers.

This week I will begin a mini series to walk you through uploading digital images to Cricut Design Space, Using the Slice feature and Print then Cut to create these beautiful planner inserts. Tell all your friends that got a Cricut Explore for Christmas to join us as I show you how to used each of these really fun features.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as I will be sending out freebies this year and you wont want to miss out.

Happy New Year!