Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Angie's Kitten Rescue

I know not everyone is a cat person. My husband is most certainly not a cat person...at all...ziltch. Still, it is so sad to see so many cats running around loose. The last few years there has been such an increase in ferral cats in the area that I live. It breaks my heart to see their skin and bone frames, matted fur and often injured little bodies. One effective way to reduce the number of cats running wild and suffering under harsh conditions is to make sure that kittens receive their proper immunizations, are spayed or neutered and are found loving homes to adopt them. My friend Angie does just that. She rescues litters of kittens and cares for and loves them as they proceed through to their new homes. She opens her home and her heart to all these little fur balls and asks nothing in return.

I would love to adopt one of her sweet kitties, my German Shepard would love a playmate, but we have kids with allergies. So in a show of support for this great lady I am trying to raise some money to help out her cause. Kitty chow and litter are not cheap, let alone all the vet costs.

So I put a little bundle together that you can bid on to help out. Please visit my ebay listing