Saturday, 7 December 2013

My Christmas Gift List: Regal

Regal has always been on my family's Christmas shopping list. Even as a kid I remember my Mom ordering cards and wrapping paper, bows and novelty items. Do you have someone on your list that gets a kick out of the unusual? I have a few of those lingering on my list. Have a look at Regal's online catalogue.
They have so many cute ideas you will have a hard time deciding which are you favourites. I was thinking this would be cute for my "Handyman" around here. Shhhh don't tell him.

Do you know that with all the people that sell Regal in this country I had a hard time tracking down a rep. They must all be running around trying to get those Christmas orders in. I had nearly given up hope of including regal in Gift List..or my shopping for that matter, when fate put me right beside Bonnie at craft sale last week.  Let me introduce you to my new friend Bonnie.

Bonnie Staniforth: Regal Independent Representative
Im a single mom with 3 children..2 boys and a girl..all a handful.I decided to become a  Regal representative because I can set my own schedule and put in as many hours as I want. I love that it does not take time away from my children. I love selling  Regal products because they are amazing and even sometimes bizarre. They have many products that I had not even heard of before signing up with Regal, but would love to try.

My top 3 suggestions for gifts would be: Flashlights buddies...they are so cute.

the dreamer beautiful and pop chef which allows you to create your own shapes and design in fruit baking etc.
Visit Bonnie: Regal or on Facebook Avon and Regal by Bonnie