Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My Christmas Gift List: Steeped Tea

One of the best parts of Christmas is the time spent with friends and family. Sometimes though, once the New Year rolls around we get wrapped back up in our little cocoons and don't seem to find the time to be social. That is the very reason I love this next gift. Not only is it very trendy right now because of its appearance on TV but also because it is a good hook to remind your friends and family to reconnect with you in the New Year. Imagine this if you will, your sister opens her lovely gift from Steeped Tea on Christmas and is thrilled by the thoughtful collection of teas and accessories. Here is the plus, when she puts the gift away when the tree comes down she is going to think of you. I see lots of post Christmas bonding opportunities with this product. Aside from the warm and fuzzy aspect of the gift it is truly an ideal gift for almost anyone on your list. Spend some time perusing Kareen's website and discover all the wonderful products her company has to offer. If you happen to host a Tea Party in the new year, give me a call...you know I have my own Tea Cup! Better still I think I will see if Kareen is camera shy and we can post a Tea Party from my studio!

My name is Kareen and I am an Independent Consultant with Steeped Tea.

Steeped Tea is a Canadian company offering top quality loose teas and accessories. All of our teas are ethically traded and we only partner with tea farms who are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership (equivalent of fair trade in the tea industry). We do not use any artificial flavours in our teas, only all natural flavours are used. With over 100 varieties of tea there is sure to be a new favourite for everyone! We offer everything from Matcha to naturally caffeine free Rooibos. We sell teas by making a connection with people over a cuppa tea, either at a tea party or small tasting session. Our business was recently (Sept 2012) featured on the TV show "The Dragon's Den" and has been growing steadily ever since. We are in the business of, not just selling tea, but connecting with people over a cuppa tea. We also offer the opportunity for people to build their own business, while still being able to raise their family. We hope to be able to help those around us by discovering their new favourite tea or offering them the opportunity to earn an income doing something they love.

I am a stay-at-home mom of a wonderful 5 year old and Steeped Tea has allowed me to build my business at my own pace and fits perfectly into our lifestyle!
Please visit my website at www.mysteepedtea.com/KareensTea"