Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Christmas Gift List: Younique

One of my goals for this Christmas series was to try to use our collective purchasing power to pass the message to marketing companies and stores that we as consumers care about the products we buy. We want to support local businesses and companies that are working to improve the world we live in. Christmas is not about the gifts and packaging, it's about remembering to connect with those around us, to try to make life a bit brighter, a bit more loving. Christmas is about the calling that each of us what given at the birth of an infant, in a stable in Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago. So maybe we are only able to buy a few gifts this year. Thats ok. Think about ways to use those purchases to make a difference.

This company is one that I have just recently learned about. I have seen allot of discussion about it online lately, but as I researched it myself for this post I was very struck by the mission statement of Younique.


Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate and ultimately help build the self-esteem of women around the world. Through high-quality products that encourage these core values - along with spiritual enlightenment - we're enabling opportunities for personal growth and financial reward to women everywhere.

This is a company that I can support. By empowering women we can change the world. That to me does not mean women should become like men, rather I think empowering women to know that they can be women and change the world is a great mission. Put these products on your list any of your female loved ones.

I am a mom of three, 2 girls and a boy! My oldest girl, Dania, is 6, the middle boy, Cayden, is almost 4 and my baby girl, Kacy, is almost 10 months. I've been married to my husband Graham for 7 years and he is amazing! I work as an X-ray tech and love what I do. I started with Younique so I could have more time with my kids since they grow up so fast!!

Younique launched in the US last November and has been on the rise since then! In fact, this month we have had over a million dollars in sales. Not bad for a company that's only a year old. They launched in Canada in June and have plans to launch in the UK & Australia in early 2014. They offer naturally based mineral cosmetics that are cruelty free and vegan friendly! Younique is one of very few cosmetics companies that actually lists all their ingredients. The products are amazing and the opportunity is incredible. They are the first direct sales company to rely heavily on social media for promoting and selling the products and our virtual parties are changing the way 'home' parties are done! To get started it is only $99(US)/$119(Cdn)

Our 3D Lashes have everyone talking! The results of extensions/false eyelashes without the risk or the high price! Why not take advantage of everyone wanting to get them?