Monday, 9 December 2013

My Christmas Gift List: Arbonne

Wow, Christmas gift lists are daunting aren't they? I have been trying to cover all the possibilities for people not only on my list, but your's as well. This is probably the third Christmas out of the last 15 that I have not had an infant or toddler to put gifts under the tree for.  I know it is cute and sweet to load up on every cute baby toy around but honestly, they just don't get enough use. The baby can only use so many toys at once and they outgrow them so fast, you barely get the protective wrapping off it and they are moving up to more advanced toys. I suggest making a cute basket of baby products. The parents will appreciate the relief for their budget and baby will be just as happy with the box anyway. Fill the basket with age appropriate treats like organic baby food, baby cookies and tub time products...if you really feel the urge to include a toy...a rubber ducky is always in style. Check out my friend Deborah's product line from Arbonne for all your baby care products. While you are at it, make sure to check out the full catalogue to cross off the last few gifts and stocking stuffers on your list.

Deborah Tang: Arbonne

Past life: army reservist in an armoured regiment out west (four years), computer engineer in the public service (12 years)

Present: stay at home mom of four selling Arbonne


I'm a new stay at home mom with four kids, and I say that because I've always gone back to work to my computer-electrical engineer in the federal government after each year of mat leave. However we are a military family and with four kids we decided to move the whole family together for this posting. I've also come to terms with all the things moms have to do all day and all night around the house, including shuttling kids to karate, swimming, and kumon etc. Fortunately I am their piano teacher!


The whole reason I got into beauty and cosmetics is that I don't sleep well with the four kids, and I needed something to take care of myself and hide the bags under my eyes! As well it's never too early to start thinking about anti-aging! Arbonne has the BEST vegan-certified, swiss formulated, botanically based products, made in the USA and sold exclusively by passionate Independent Consultants. We have what people are looking for with over 450 items in our catalog from skincare, bath and body, baby care to vegan protein shakes and vitamins and even shaving products for men! I LOVE to tell people about Arbonne because we are pure, safe and beneficial - no parabens, no SLS and no mineral oil.

I'm an Engineer with a Masters Degree in Physics and a music background, but I am a woman and I choose to buy the best and most prestigious products for myself and my kids. Sometimes people take a double take, like wow you're a rocket scientist, so why are you selling lipstick? Well that's exactly it, I DECIDED to take time away from my work regular work to be with my family and this is the perfect home business I can do on my own terms. It's like bring your kids to work day everyday!

The perks, wow imagine a job where I can claim my beauty products as business expenses and get a good discount. I also do mobile spa presentations, trade shows, online sales, deliveries and business meetings and recruitment interviews.

My top five favorites
1) ABC Arbonne Baby Hair and Body Wash - the first ingredient is water! Arbonne is SLS free and I really care about what I put on my kids skin, botanically based
2) Sea Source Hair Masque - keeps my hair soft and strong, like a conditioner but you keep it in longer before washing it out. I love the natural fragrance of sea botanicals especially the 24 re-mineralizing lotion
3) It's a Long Story mascara - I never wore mascara before I started selling it and now I love it. The formula helps lashes grow longer too, I feel it
4) RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum - vitamin and antioxidant rich, sea algae extract, apply before the day or night moisturizer
5)FC5 day cream with spf 20- I love the fragrance of five fruit cell technology - kiwi, strawberry, carrot, pumpkin and mango. mineral based spf
6) I love the vegan protein shakes, chocolate and vanilla. A great start to my day full of vitamins as well

Best Christmas gifts
1) Majestic Makeup Palette - for the perfect day to night look with all the colours you need
2) Sea Source Line - ocean botanicals
3) RE9 Corrective Eye Cream

My kids love the products too. They know that food coloring and food dye is bad. They only want to use Arbonne products! Feel great and look great when you join my team!