Thursday, 28 April 2016

Local King Rubber Stamps: You've got to be good to be King

From my very first trip to Scrapfest, way back when, I have always made sure that I stopped to watch the art in action at the Local King Rubber Stamp booth. Back then it was just stamps. I even remember that she was using crayola markers and her stamps to create breathtaking mini pieces of art. I could sit and watch her over and over as she dabbed the stamps in a nonchalant way with her markers, huffed on them and then applied the image to the paper. I was mesmerized.  I say "she" as I could never remember the name of the lady that did the stamping.

This year I was amazed at the change and advancement of the product line. Stamps, matching dies, background stamps, markers and acrylic blocks all of which are so on trend right now thanks to the popularity of the Heartfelt Creations and Sizzix stamp and die combos. This year there was a make and take. I admit I missed watching the artist at work, but creating my own image was enough to get me in the buying spirit.

The difference in Local King Rubber Stamps is that they are not line art. They are reversed. Much like the two step stamps that have become so popular, but without the ...well...2nd step. You literally use your water based marker directly on the stamp and once it's stamped onto the paper, it's done.

These were my purchases from the show: