Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Recycled Egg Carton Roses

A few weeks ago I told you that I was working on several projects that I would be finishing and posting as they were complete. This project was part of that job lot. Rather, the flowers were.  I have seen these lovely roses on Pinterest and wanted to give them a try. They were very easy to make. Unfortunately it took me this long to find a project big enough to use them on. 

This week I needed to have an entry for a homemade flower challenge being hosted at Girls, Giggles, Glitter and Glue  . I had intended to submit my cold porcelain roses that I used on my Spring Fairy House but at the last minute I found the perfect project to hold the egg carton roses.

I apologise that this post is up after Easter but it might give you an idea for an end of year/ happy summer vacation gift for your child's teachers or a beautiful Mother's Day gift.

All you need to make these roses is a cardboard egg carton and some spray ink or paint. 

How To:

  1. Cut the cups out of the bottom of the egg carton. I rounded off any extra pieces to make them uniform.
  2. Cut the cup into 5 petals. Try to get the cut all the way to the bottom of the cup as this will give you more room to roll the sides.
  3. Spray the cartons will colour of your choice. Allow to dry until they are just barely moist to the touch.
  4. Use a hot glue gun and overlap the edge of one petal onto the the next. Do this with the next cup but push the petals closer together. 
  5. On a third cup roll the petals up starting at one side and rolling as tightly as possible. This makes the bulb of the flower. 
  6. Glue the bud to the centre of the medium sized layer by adding a dollop of hot glue to the bottom only. 
  7. Do the same with the final layer. 
  8. Use your fingers, a pencil or tweezers to roll back the edges of your petals. 
  9. Spray with additional colour and allow to dry completely.