Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cold Porcelain Recipe

Hey guys! Last week I told you that I had made my first batch of cold porcelain and I can't say enough about how amazing it is to work with. I have been using it for all sorts of creations. The large project that I have been working on is not quite finished. It is a mixed media assemblage of sorts. It is taking allot of time between drying times to get it actually assembled. That being said, wow, the cold porcelain is amazing to work with.

I had tons of left over clay so I decided to do some testing to see what the finish looked like using various mediums. I used tattered angels glimmer mist to colour one bunch of clay, I used distress inks on some and tattered angels glimmer glaze on others. I was really surprised by the different effects.

The cold porcelain is so much easier to work with than regular polymer clay. I have quite sever arthritis and I noticed a huge difference. Also, you don't have to bake the clay when you are done. This is huge for me as I have burned the faces off more than my fair share of cameos. I admit it. The no baking means that all the crisp edges that you get from the mould stay that way. That is a big plus when you are working with detailed moulds.

These are a few of the cameos I made. You literally just put some corn starch or baby powder in your mould and push it full of clay. Pop the item out of the mould and let it sit overnight to dry. I flipped mine about half way through the day so that it did not curl. The next day it was ready to play with. I mean decorate!

The top three are coated in the Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze. They looked like they were fired in a kiln with a glaze coat. They are really spectacular. The two bottom ones have distress ink as the base and then a white wash of diluted acrylic paint. I love both sets and could see them fitting on different types of projects. I found the glimmer mist did not have enough colour to be effective because you had to use allot which made the dough gooey. I am wondering if the high impact inks from Tattered Angels would work better? I will try that next time.

Here is a link to the vintage recipe card that I made for the cold porcelain. If you find it is too sticky or too hard just add more cornstarch or a bit of baby oil. Have fun and be sure to post your creations for us all to see.

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