Monday, 28 September 2015

My Grandma's Teacups: Washi Wonder

I have a small confession to make. I never got the whole Washi Fever everyone seemed to on this past year. It seemed every papercrafting company and craft direct sales line was toting a boatload of washi tape in every width, colour and pattern imaginable. I did not get it....its paper on masking tape right? I was mildly intrigued when I started to see videos pop up on YouTube with people making their own washi tape using markers and inks on medical tape.I even went so far as to purchase a few rolls of it from the dollar store, but alas I have a couple of rough and tumble boys that required it before I got a chance to alter it.

I have always loved planners and as I watched all the instagram and Pinterest posts go by I noticed a new trend. Washi Tape seemed to have taken over the monthly and weekly calendars of all my friends.

It did not stop there. I started noticing it in home decorating posts and party favours. How did this simple combination of scrapbook design and tape gain such notoriety???? The short answer is...because it's so simple. Without getting out your scissors, paper or glue you can personalize everything from planners to light switches. Now a $1 notebook from the dollar tree can be customized to look like the high end journals from Indego and Chapters.

So this is my official surrender. I am jumping in. My next order that should come in next week will include a large assortment of Washi Tape. I have no definite plans for it yet, but you can be sure that I will be scouring the pages of Pinterest for ideas. Be sure to watch out for my next haul video (hopefully on Periscope) to see what I have to work with.

Leave a comment with your favourite use for Washi Tape, or post a link to a picture of your Washi Stash. Be sure to follow my Wonderful Washi Board on Pinterest to get some inspiration on how to use this sticky wonder tape.

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