Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My Grandma's Teacups: Copic Club #2

Have you been practicing with your Copic markers this week? I hope you are following along with our club as we explore the wonder of working with alcohol markers.

Our club met last Thursday for our second session working with Copic markers. One of our members was truant last time (something about an ear dedication) so we did a quick recap of the types of Copic markers available and the Copic Colour Code. If you missed my post with reference to the Copic Colour Code you better take a quick peek Here

We attempted two new techniques in this session:

#1 Colouring and shading using only one marker

#2 Transferring ink from a dark marker to a lighter one before colouring

The first technique just requires that you lay down you base layer of ink and then go over the areas that should have a shadow several times. Its important to let the image dry between layers. You can achieve a very nice look using this technique and it is great for all of us that are just beginning to collect markers. 

The second technique was a bit harder to get the hang of. The process itself was easy, simply touch the darker markers nib against the lighter colour nib and colour, but it took some practice to get the colours that we were after. I think at the end of the day we decided it was easier to do the 3 marker technique we originally learned as the effect was quite similar.

Next Copic Club we are going to be working on FUR!!!! Lets hope I can find my Popcorn Bear stamps by then.

Hope you are enjoying playing along with our Copic Club.

Copic Markers