Monday, 23 November 2015

Colouring For Adults

This year has brought about some interesting trends in the papercrafting industry. People have moved on from Smash Books and Project Life to simpler forms of expression like adult colouring and paper doll making. Its incredible the amount of interest that these new colouring books have stirred up. I was at a show on Friday and all the vendors were discussing this new fad.  Its really not a new fad though when you think about it. Stamping and scrapbooking have allowed people the guilt free opportunity to colour for a very long time. Why now are the colouring books specific to adults flying off the shelves? Its actually quite simple. We are all stressed. Not necessarily the depression, anxiety invoking type, sometimes its just our daily pace that causes our body or more importantly our brain to feel overworked. When we colour our mind is forced to focus on the small decisions required to complete the picture. The selection of colours, the type of medium to use, which picture to colour, all of these small decisions relieve our brain of having to tackle the larger issues in our life. Its like a mini vacation for our mind. Adult colouring books are being recommended by art therapists because of the therapeutic value they provide.People that were ruminating over health issues or personal problems felt immediate relief from just sitting down and colouring. It certainly does not have to be any particular book. Choose a book or even print off a free page that is the most detailed that you are feeling confident in tackling. For me, colouring the Prima Doll stamps provides me with the same calming effect as colouring the more detailed books. Find something that is of interest to you and give it a try. They are also great gifts for just about everyone on your Christmas list.

Try Adult Colouring with some of these free printable pages. Follow my board as I will be pinning new pages as I find them. Follow My Grandma's Teacups's board Colouring For Adults on Pinterest. Or purchase from Amazon