Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Purex plus Oxi - The laundry is done

Hello Ladies;

I brought all the laundry home from the trailer so that I would have an ample supply to give Purex with Oxi a fair trial.  My children's contribution to the project included multiple beach towels, swimsuits, s'more encrusted t shirts and muddy shorts.  It was good that my husband decided to show his support as well contributing piles of socks, sweaty shirts and jean shorts.  My family is always happy to pitch in with my projects. Let's see if they are so helpful when the socks need to be paired up.

Personally I was raised with the big orange box of laundry detergent. My Mom used it, my Grandma used it and when I setup my own house guess what I automatically stocked it with.  Even when laundry detergents changed and everything seemed to come in liquid form I still reached for the orange bottle.  That was until I noticed that my foster children were having reactions to the laundry detergent.  We had to switch to an all natural cleaner which became increasingly difficult to afford on one income.  One of the first things that I checked when I opened the bottle was to see if it had a strong perfumey smell.  I knew if it did my review would have to stop right there as both my youngest son and I have asthma and can't handle the strong heavy scents.  Purex with Oxi actually had a lovely light scent that reminds me more of a body wash or shampoo then a detergent.  I poured the blue syrupy detergent into the soap dispenser only to realize in horror that I had not checked to make sure it was HE. I grabbed the bottle and was overjoyed to see the little disclaimer in the corner of the bottle stating that it was safe for all machines including HE. I found my son's orange shorts determined to use them as the test of the detergents effectiveness at removing stains. Then the phone rang.  After hanging up the phone I rushed to the basement to get the load started....oh yah and threw in the much for my before and after shots.  Well I guess at this point it is a matter of trust. I assure you they were thoroughly disgusting.
When the timer went off on the dryer I flew down the stairs to retrieve the results.  I have to say I was impressed.  The shorts actually look really good.  There are three small spots that you can barely see that my son has identified for me as grease from a bicycle chain so the fact that it came 95% out really pleases me.  There was no heavy soap smell left on the clothes and the entire load seemed free of spots (except as I said the 3 spots on kidlet's shorts).
I think that I will switch detergents.  I will give it a three month screening to see if anyone has any skin reactions and if there are any issues and I will do a follow up post. Purex plus Oxi liquid detergent is supposed to be hypoallergenic so I am hopeful.  If you would like to try Purex plus Oxi liquid detergent for yourself please feel free to enter my giveaway for one of four free bottles . Hurry the giveaway is over next week!

* Purex provided me with a sample of Purex plus Oxi detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.