Friday, 23 August 2013

First Craft Show Excitement

As i told you earlier in the summer I have been whiling away the hours crafting up a storm.  My poor trailer is filled to capacity with paper, ribbons and scrapbooking tools.  Poor Hubby has gone from having half the bedroom cupboard space to being squished into the corner of one small cubby and his closet.  I can't help it.  I wanted to be sure that I had everything I might need to do my creative best.  I have been making mini albums and Christmas Cards as well as keychains and charms.  My focus has been on making enough ahead to be able to participate in my first craft show in November.  Well, on a whim I decided to enter another craft show being held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Belleville. In September.....GULP! I am trying to balance crafting, blogging, business planning...and now I have to think about display design.  What do you like to see at craft sales? What catches your eye? Are you more likely to stop at a display if it is adorned in a particular way? I have been scouring Pinterest for booth ideas and wanted to share some of my favourites.