Monday, 8 December 2014

My Hair's Mini Holiday

Ok, yes....admittedly I may be losing my mind, but I have to tell you it certainly feels like my hair got a holiday. I don't know about you but this crispy cold air has turned my coiffe into crispy fried hair. Luckily my friend Deborah Tang, yep, Deborah from last year's post, suggested a mini spa day for my ailing locks. I am not one of those girls that spend hours each morning perfecting their hair and makeup.....I am more the roll out of bed and tie my hair in a knot on the top of my head type, but still my hair was driving me nuts as it was so frizzy and falling into my face. Deborah lent me this really cute bag with everything I needed to save my hair from an untimely chopping.

The shampoo is Arbonne Pure Vibrance Lustre Fortifying Shampoo. It smells divine. I can't put my finger on the exact scent but its somewhere in the berry area. Its not too fruity or strong. I am really sensitive to strong fragrance so you can trust me when I say its just right.

The conditioner is Arbonne Pure Vibrance Fortifying Conditioner. It does not really have a smell. At least I could not smell it over the lovely shampoo. You know how when your hair is really damaged and you run your hand over it when it is wet you can feel the tangly feel. As soon as I put this conditioner on that was all gone. Poof. Conditioners do remove some of that but not like this. It was literally smooth as silk.

I was already tickled with the performance of the products and then I tried the hair mask. Oh my! My hair's texture totally changed. I thought about doing one of those videos where you see the girl flouncing her gorgeous hair around but I figured you would be laughing too hard to finish reading this post.

The spa did not end there. She lent me a serum....I think more valuable than the serum used to create Captain America. Arbonne Pure Vibrance Colour Last Hair Serum. My hair is not coloured....that will be next weeks post  (be sure to check in) but it does tame your hair and make it shiny and glossy. The final touch was the Arbonne Texturizing Mousse. Ta-Da....a perfect hair day.

Thank you Deborah, I really needed this intervention to save my hair.  If you are having a hair emergency or even just need a glamorous holiday look, Contact Deborah Tang Arbonne District Manager, Independent Consultant or shop Arbonne

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