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Family Photo Traditions At Christmas Time - Guest Post By Sarah Kirby

It's funny how little things become traditions without even noticing. 
One year you bake cookies and the next year your kids expect that you'll be baking cookies. One year you decorate the tree while watching Miracle On 34th Street and ... well, you get the idea. 
For my family, the "silly Christmas couch picture" seems to be a tradition we've had for a few years now and I don't see it leaving us anytime soon.
Because I'm a photographer, it's perfectly normal for me to never be in any family photos. Unless it's a cell phone "selfie", I'm the one behind the camera.
So, I started using my tripod to get at least one family photo with me in it. (We could be like the Simpsons!)
My husband is uncomfortable posing for photos, my girls are not (because of their years with a mom who always has the camera out). 
While I was taking some test shots to make sure the light was right, my girls used the time to make some faces and help Mike relax a bit. 
Somehow, a perfectly lovely happy family photo turned into complete silliness and that silliness has evolved into one of our most fun traditions.
I do still get my perfectly lovely happy family photo too!

A few years ago we tried a "photobooth".  
I set up our little "booth" at the end of a hallway by tapeing a sheet to the wall. Our light source was a floorlamp with the shade removed.
I used my good camera on a tripod but I discovered that there are several "apps" out there that will do some really neat images like Photomat (free) and Pocketbooth (.99 cents). You don't have to have a big camera with a tripod to try it out.     
This hasn't become a tradition for us ... yet. But it was a hoot and definitely calls for a round 2 this year now that I have a home studio.

"What are your family photo traditions at Christmas time? If you don't have one, maybe this is your year to experiment! Have fun with it."

Sarah is the owner of Imagine Photography

About Sarah Kirby

My name is Sarah Kirby and I live in Belleville, Ontario with my husband Mike and my daughters Becca and Brianna, all of whom are tremendous supporters of Imagine Photography. In 2007 I began a second career as a scrapbooking consultant and it was through this work that my passion for photography developed. I began to see photos from a different perspective, imagining what they might look like in a scrapbook and how they might best be taken to preserve memories for a lifetime.

My passion (some might say "obsession”) eventually led to taking pictures for friends and family and that passion for photography was fueled even more. Through photography courses, I constantly strive to upgrade my knowledge, skills and equipment so that I can give you, the customer, the highest quality photos and the best overall experience possible.

From 2012 to 2014 I lived in and visited seven countries on three different continents. This experience not only gave me a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures, but also allowed me to photograph some of the most beautiful places on earth. Egypt’s Great Pyramids, Jordan’s ancient city of Petra, and Kenya’s Masai Mara are just a few of the locations I have been privileged to photograph. (please visit my Blog pages to view the travel photography or my Landscape page if you are interested in buying an image. Egypt/Kenya/Jordan Blog and Thailand/New Zealand/Ecuador Blog)

Now that I have re-settled in the Quinte area, I am ready to devote all of my efforts to serving my customers and creating beautiful and lasting memories

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