Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cropping for a Cause

Hello friends.  I have been very busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for what turned out to be a wonderful day with an amazing group of women.  Originally we planned the event in support of the Relay for Life Team that my son has been on for the last few years.

After months of planning the event and after paying for the hall the team folded. Ironically I had been at a meeting of 31 gifts consultants that same day and had met a woman who's father needed a kidney transplant. I am a huge believer that God puts us where he wants us to be so I was sure that this was a sign that we should continue with the event and give the proceeds to this local family.

After having most of the vendors and croppers pull out at the last minute because it was no longer in support of Cancer I was ready to throw in the towel. After prayerful consideration and a looooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggg discussion with my husband (who is always my sounding board in situations like this) I made the decision to proceed and just accept whatever happened.  What happened turned out to be a wonderful day!

The vendors that came were quite possibly the nicest bunch of direct sales people I have ever met. The Scrapbookers were a cozy little group that spending the day with was a delight.

At lunch time we sat at tables to the side of the hall in small groups of 2-4 women. At supper time we put all the pizza on one table and strung the other tables together so that we could all be together. My husband had quite a chuckle when he realized we had all been sitting there eating pizza and sharing stories for over an hour without noticing. We bought things off each other, learned from each other and laughed so much my sides are still a bit sore.

We may not have raised a ton of money for the family but we raised $127 which is not bad. I will continue to brainstorm ideas to raise more money as part of my charitable plan for this year.

I love love love Scrapbooking, but scrapbooking for a cause was an incredible experience.  What can you do to use your creative skills for a good cause? Cards to shut ins? Crafts with kids groups? It is an amazing feeling to use the gifts God has given each of us to make others lives a bit better.

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