Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Holiday Gift List : All I want for Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas Series
Just today I was on Twitter and someone said "Time to stop counting the months, we are down to weeks until Christmas". Weeks! Honestly I have not even started my Christmas shopping. I do however know what I am intending to buy for most of the folks on my list. This year I am trying to purchase the bulk of my gifts from independent business owners. Walmart gets the majority of my business all year so its only fair that I try to support small business with these year end purchases. I have some really fabulous small business owners that I am going to share with you. You can do your Christmas shopping in your jammies this year. The great part about this is that these ladies are so incredible you are going to want to continue doing business with them year round. Grab a cup of tea and let me introduce you to your new best friends.

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