Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Crafting Obsession

I am home from the trailer for a day or two (I think the tornado warnings spooked me a bit...visions of Dorthy and all that). I have been just brimming with ideas for crafting all summer. Each nights after I tuck the kidlets into their bunks I have been cranking out die cuts and cutting ends off of envelopes.  I have pretty much all of the storage areas in the trailer packed full of scrappy goodness. I am not going to tell you exactly what I have been creating as I want to surprise you when I come home in the fall with a tote full of completed works. I have had the children on alert to grab any soda tabs or beer caps from unsuspecting relatives and the collection has become extensive.  My girlfriend gave me a large plastic pail full to the brim with wine corks (she works at a and I am just looking for suggestions on what to make with them.  Do you have any ideas? Well, I should run as I need to head over to +Karen Watson  site and print off some of her vintage Christmas loveliness.  Have a wonderful summer and take time to be crafty.