Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Are you interested in free stuff?

I have been chosen to test a new product being released called Purex plus Oxi.  I have had great success using products with Oxi in the past and I am looking forward to seeing how this one will measure up. My ten year old son has presented me with the perfect opportunity.  He has worn his new bright orange shorts all over the camp this summer and they are so stained I have little hope of restoring them to their former state. He has dark mud stains from crawling across the yard looking for worms just after the rain. He has green grass stain from tumbling around in the  park. He has a few large patches that I can't quite identify but I am leaning towards drips from random freezies, icecreams and hot dogs that he has consumed. If this product can clean these babies then I am going to be a fan for life.  I am watching my mailbox for the kit to arrive so I can put it to the test.  If you are interested in trying this product for free then please stay tuned.  The company is sending vouchers for free bottles.  I will have to figure out how to distribute them fairly once I know how many I will get.  I am thinking rafflecopter might do the trick.  They are also  having a  giveaway on their site to launch the product and the buzz is that the grand prize is $500 with 50 second place winners receiving free product. That package better arrive soon....those shorts are not getting any easier to clean!

Enjoy the sunshine.