Thursday, 20 June 2013

Something in the air

Well usually when I hear that saying it is reference to Christmas or someone falling in love. If you were around here lately it would have a totally different meaning.  I can never remember a year when the trees produced so much fluff.  It started early last week and my little one was miserable. His nose started running then his asthma kicked in high gear and by the time Sunday night rolled around his eyes were leaching as much green mucous as his nose.  One by one we were struck down with sore throats, migraines, itchy eyes and a hacking cough. We are all in misery. That my friends is my excuse for not posting sooner.  We have a reprieve from the fluff today so everyone seems to be feeling a bit better. I thought I would just pop on quickly to share my new haul of trinkets.  I am not sure what I am going to use them for but they are pretty just to look at for now.

Also, as summer is here and everyone seems to be partaking of canned beverages I have sent the word out around the camp that i want them to save pop tabs for me.  If you have a chance check out these two youtube videos for great ideas for crafting with pop tabs.

I love all this chickie makes.These girls are so talented!