Tuesday, 11 June 2013

More Lovely Scrapbook Paper to Ooogle Over

Hello Ladies;
My husband and I had our first daytime date in the last 10 years today. The bigger kidlets were at school and my little munchkin was at preschool so Hubby and I had a the chance to go out to a grown up restaurant  and to shop without trying to stay in the centre of the aisles so little hands did not remove the shelf contents onto the floor. I forgot what it was like to just wander a store with no time constraints. To make matters better he took me to Michael's where they had all their paper collections on sale 47% off.  Needless to say I had to grab two. I purchased The Primrose Stack and The Preppy Princess stack  (DCWV)and I can hardly wait to crack these babies open and start creating. I will be sure to post pictures of what I make. I am thinking that they will make lovely mini albums. If you have used these stacks please send me a link so I can see your projects.