Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I just finished tucking my munchkins in for the night and I am still puzzled by the allure of body humour to boys.  My children are on a Roald Dahl kick right now.  I know its a bit foolish but if it keeps them interested then I am going to keep running with it.  We are currently reading The BFG and we just completed the chapter with the WHIZZPOPPERS! Only upon reading this story can you truly  appreciate the masterful use of imagery for this particular subject.  Monkey was literally snorting with glee each time I said the word.  Princess, trying hard to pretend that the subject was beneath her dignity could barely contain herself as the chapter progressed.  What is it about body humour that boys find so absolutely hilarious.  The infectious laughter of my son could coax even the most prudish of Moms into a guilty bout of giggles. If you want a truly heartwarming silly adventure with your children, though it is a bit of a tongue twister with all the gibberish words, I highly advise reading the BFG.  We just finished Witches last week and we read the The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me (which admittedly I did not like at all).  The children were begging me each night to read just one more chapter (which I did) but I had to limit it to two or they would have eagerly stayed awake all night hearing the story.  Chapter books are such a great way to wind down the day and also to build anticipation for hearing how the story progresses.  What are your family's favourite chapter books?