Saturday, 13 April 2013

Life's Little Moments

Well I just had to share a cute family moment from our brunch this morning.  Our little man is one of those nibbler sort of eaters and he is always the first to be excused from the table.  This morning he took advantage  of his captive audience by entertaining us with his magic skills. OK so he is 4 this week so you can imagine.  He had a makeshift wand constructed of Kinnex and one by one he was changing our family members into various animals and characters.  I was of course immediately turned into an Alligator. The Princess herself was turned into a frog,  Monkey was turned back and forth between a Alligator and a Frog.  When he came to my husband he paused thinking carefully and said "Make Daddy a King". My husband who is usually not as active in our imaginary play did not miss a beat and replied "Thank you, Thank you very much" in his most Elvis like voice. I killed myself laughing, partly because of the voice and partly because I knew the kids had no idea what the reference was to.  The kids were beside themselves laughing because we were laughing, and Tiger was so proud of himself for causing the entire thing.  An ordinary family moment became magic.  A memory that will be stored in all our hearts for a long time.  What ordinary magic is going on in your house today?