Monday, 26 June 2017

Perfect Alternative to Pin Curls and Hair Torture

April 1994
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Luckily this is a topic that has solved a very real issue with me as of late. I know it will come as no surprise to many of you that I am a bit obsessed with all things vintage. My friend Sylvie recently got me hooked on youtube tutorials of pin up hairstyles. I adore the charm of the suicide roll, pin curls and the infamous victory rolls. Spending the time rolling, teasing, curling, spraying.....not so much. Honestly I have no idea how women used to pull this look off. Interestingly enough the solution came in an email just the other day. The answer is lace fronts wigs.

April 1994
When I was in my final year of high school I wanted a more mature look so a week before graduation pictures I went to a salon and had my long ringlets hacked off and the surviving hair dyed the most ghastly shade of brown. After I did it I immediately regretted it but it was too late. I was distraught as I had prom, graduation, my friends wedding and my own wedding coming at a rapid rate.

May 1994
Through tearful eyes I listened as the stylist explained that there was no way my hair could grow out in time. Then as though some miraculous intervention occurred. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed several "falls" in the display case. My miracle had happened. Emptying my meagre bank account and maxing my shiny new credit card I left the salon with two wigs costing over $500. That's allot of tables to wait on.

I loved my faux hair and felt so glamorous in my new locks. I could roll out of bed, shower and be out the door in 30 minutes or less. Everyone commented on how beautiful my hair looked every day. I wore those two wigs until they were barely usable. By the time they gave out I was married with a mortgage and there was no money for frivolous purchases.

July 1994

I forgot how much fun it is to transform myself to whatever look I want in a moments notice. Enter my new secret weapon. Instead of messing with rollers and irons I can purchase vintage styles for less than $50. Seriously, less than $50. I like that they have have the vintage feel without the stiff styling. They are vintage with a modern twist.

Here are a few of my favourite lace fronts wigs

Pretty cool right!  So who do you want to be today? Be sure to check out these and hundreds of other styles of lace front wigs at our sponsor #divatress

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