Sunday, 7 February 2016

Gecko Galzs February Feature Day

Welcome back friends visiting from Gecko Galz. We are glad you stopped in.  Here is the incredibly sweet image that Gecko Galz has provided as your freebie for the month.

I used it to make a really sweet shadow box. It looks like you are peeking out the window and catch the sweethearts smooching under the tree. It turned out so well my 13 year old son said he wanted it for his room but it was too girly. High praise from a teenaged boy.

If you are interested in using the image for a shadow box just follow the steps below.

 1. Prep your shadow box. I picked this one up at Dollarama for $3 which I thought was pretty cheap. Use painters tape (I also got that at the dollar store) to mask off the glass. I used newspaper to cover the centre of the glass pane. 
 2. Be sure to remove all the stickers. Do not use Goo be Gone or anything like that as it will create a spot that will not take the paint. (ask me how I know). Usually just a warm damp rag will get it off. Be sure to let it dry before trying to paint.

 3. Do 3 very thin layers of Gesso over the entire box. Let it dry well between coats. Then using your Tattered Angels spray colour the window with dark blue and greys. Be sure to make it splotchy and darker towards the corners. After the mist has dried apply a thin coat of watered down white acrylic paint. You should now have a weathered look on the box.

4. Now you can colour the image. I used spectrum noir markers but feel free to use whatever you like. Pencil crayons or watercolours would be lovely.
 Once I finished colouring all the little bits I placed the image in the box. Next I added some vines and paper roses to create the 3D effect. Finally I sealed the box shut so my boys could not come and dump out the girly stuff and take the box to put bugs in. (I'm no newbie Mama).

Enjoy your new shadowbox. Be sure to send me a picture of your creation.


My Grandma's Teacups February Feature Project for Gecko Galz.