Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Heroes of the City Giveaway!!!!!

Well, I am late getting this up. For that I apologise. I hope you will forgive me when you see the amazing prize package that the folks from the Heroes of the City Movie Ap have put together for us.  My little man has totally forsaken his ps3 and computer time in favour of playing on his Heroes of the City Ap. He loves the games, the movies, the trophies.....even the music seems to tickle his funny bone.

He went a little bit crazy yesterday when a large package from Sweden arrived at our home. I am very lucky that today was not his JK day as he had no intention of getting on the bus and leaving behind his Heroes of the City book or toys. He thinks having a Mom that is a blogger is a blast. Between you and I and the lamp post I have noticed my other two paying a lot of attention to the dvd too. My oldest son commented last night that it was very well put together and he really liked the graphics ( I think that is code for "Shoot, I got caught watching a show for little kids).

If you have not yet downloaded the Heroes of the City Movie Ap what are you waiting for. You will love the positive messages and quality content. Your child will just love it because it is pure fun.

Hurry, go over to the AppStore or Google Play and add this gem to your child's device.
AppStore or Google Play

Oh yes, the giveaway! Well, you are going to love this one.

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