Monday, 13 January 2014

My Grandma's Teacups Studio Tour

Hello friends! My goodness how time gets away from me.  I had so many post ideas floating around in my head that I thought that I had actually posted them. This my fellow bloggers is why we are supposed to use editorial calendars right!
As you might already know I have been super busy getting my new studio space organized. The abrupt way in which I was forced to move into the space before Hubby had been able to finish it was a bit of a challenge for me (we will call it the flood of 2013). Now that I am cozily situated in the new space I am in love.  I thank my wonderful facebook pals for choosing such a wonderful cheery colour for me. The room is not 100% finished and so Hubbs was reluctant for me to post pictures but with this disclaimer that the room still needs trim and a bit of paint...a few ceiling tiles...a couple shelves and some artwork...he is agreeing for me to show just you...(my closest friends) my incredible new space. First I want you to see what he started with. Please keep in mind that we fostered some rather active children in the last decade.

Ok so are you ready for this? 
Though he did do an amazing job on this renovation I do think I deserve some credit for being so incredibly clever as to marry such a talented man.  You are all invited to come over for a cup of tea! In a spillproof container of course! 
Special shoutout to my awesome friends in our new scrapbook club! I have not laughed so hard in a very long time.