Friday, 31 May 2013

Family Treasures Rediscovered

Do you remember as a kid how your older my case my Great Grandma's and Grandmas always had that really cool jar filled with miscellaneous buttons.  Do you remember spending hours sorting them into colours and sizes and textures.  There is just something about other peoples button collection that always grabs my imagination.  Who wore the coat that the military buttons came off.. What did the blouse look like that had this pretty floral button.  Well, a few weeks ago I had mentioned to both my Mom and my Hubby's Mom that I would be interested in any old ribbons, buttons or broken jewelry they had laying around as I wanted to use it to do some hot glue crafts with the kiddies.  Well both Momma's delivered! My Mom provided me with a bundle of old trinkets and gems that she no longer wears and Mama in Law gave us at least 300 buttons.  Tiger and I spent a good hour going through the buttons today.  Its funny how something like buttons can still captivate a child's attention in this fast paced electronic world.  It was so fun.  I can't wait to get crafting.  I encourage you to send the word out to relatives as they are likely more than happy to unload some no longer needed treasure.