Monday, 11 September 2017

Exploring the World of Travellers Notebooks

Well, I admit it. I am totally smitten with Travellers notebooks. May affection started with the Prima Lady like TN but it just rubbed me the wrong way. My Chic Sparrow has been a God send for keeping myself organized. Now my new notebooks are going to be used as Devotional holders, aspiration and affirmation holder, creative on the go supply holder. Excessive,  yes of course. If it helps me get more organized and be able to function in my daily life, I am looking at it as an investment in my health and well being.

I know you are not supposed to play favourites with your beloved planners but I have to say, at first inspection I love my Chic Sparrow as a wallet, the nayadori are my second choice, followed by the foxidori which the colours are not true to the pictures and I find feel very floppy

That being said, I have not got them decked out yet so my opinions may change. I will keep you updated as I try the different leathers and sizes.

Check out the planners I am working with right now: