Friday, 19 February 2016

Oh "Sew" Much Procrastination

It's Friday already! Wow, I am feeling like I accomplished very little this week. Well, truthfully I started getting my projects a bit backed up last week but I had a few ready to go so I limped along. On Friday I had to make a trip to Peterborough for my son (thank goodness I have my bestie Juanette to do road trips with or I would never find my way home).Then we had all the business of Valentine's Day and then Family Day and then to top it off...the SNOW my time went with little to show for it. Though I am not getting much time crafting in I have been blessed to enjoy inventorying all the new items arriving for my store. If you want to have a peek I am adding more to my zibbet store every day. My Grandma's Teacups Craft Supply

I thought I would show you a couple of "in the works" items that will be finished and posted next week for sure! I have had the first one half done for over a week but the last part requires.......SEWING....which I tend to avoid like the plague. (Ask my son who is patiently waiting to have his marksmanship and athletics badges sewn to his uniform.)In fact the project is so unfinished I can't even share the pictures of it yet. 

The other project is my first attempt at making cold porcelain. I have to tell you it is not as easy to make as they say in the videos. It is however really worth it. I may never buy clay again.
I am going to make a vintage printable for the recipe I used so that you can add it to your crafting repertoire too.

Thirdly, I am waiting for just one more ATC from the Canvas Corp Swap. Wait until you see the beautiful cards that have travelled from all over the world. It was so much fun receiving mail from all over and looking at the beautiful postage attached.