Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Preparations

I always have a hard time deciding on what to get for the teachers and bus drivers. It feels like over the years I have bought the same gifts hundreds of times. I don't think that I have but it sure feels that way. Some years I have time to have some fun with it. Other years its a run to Shoppers Drug Mart late the night before school is done for the holidays to grab boxes of chocolates. One year I had a stellar idea and went out and purchased a styrofoam cooler, root beer, flip flips, a baseball cap and a huge thick steak for the bus driver for the end of the year. That was by far my favourite gift. It just suited Bob so well it was perfect.

I decided this year to take some of the creative pressure off me and have the kids start to take a hand in their Christmas gift giving. I saw these super cute little wooden trees from Kaisercraft and thought they would make darling gifts. I ordered 6 small trees. I happened to notice that the large size was on sale so I bought 5 of them as well. Well, I almost fell over when the UPS guy dropped off my package. The small trees are like 4 inches tall. The large trees are like 3 feet tall. Talk about super-sizing your order. They are really pretty though so I am definitely pleased with the purchase.

We started working on the tree on Saturday. Little man was all gung ho to get painting but that wore of pretty quick. He abandoned me to finishing up all the little inside spaces. He did however come back for glittering and attaching the decorations. I was using my favourite Craft Medley glue and holding each decoration in place as it dried. This was of course too slow for my ADHD ridden 6 year old. I see him run over to my tool bench and say "wait for it". Then in a stroke of what he felt must of been pure genius he pulled out three hot glue guns and some glue sticks. Pretty clever. I will blame my not thinking of it on the glue fumes. He had his tree sufficiently decorated in less that 15 minutes.

My daughter chose a less traditional colour for her tree. She was going with Frozen colours of purple, white and blue. She carefully lines up all the little balls on one side and then lost interest. Little man decided she was too slow and hot glued balls everywhere he thought there should be an eye for the birds.

Middleman is more like his father. He carefully added his paint ensuring that it was done in very precise thin coats. You will notice that the job is not complete....ahem...just saying the nut don't fall very far ;)

The small trees are just drying and then I will be gluing beads as ornaments. I think they are going to turn out stinking cute.

Yesterday Dawnette Varnell Cress asked us in a group what was on our craft bench and I jokingly replied chocolate. The truth is that is the only place my chocolates would fit as the whole family has taken over the studio. I love that are all so willing to try new crafts. It allows me to my hubby that some of my craft hoard was bought for the kids...lol...

Happy Crafting!

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