Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My Grandma's Teacups Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies: Today is the day I celebrate 14 years of marriage.

So 14 years ago today I married the man that had been my guardian angel from the time I was 16. Ours was not one of those stories where two people meet, fall in love and are married to live happily ever after. Ours was more the broken road story. Age differences, other relationships, life just seemed to keep us apart, In the end love triumphed over all the odds and we formed a family that has weathered many a storm. 14 years of raising babies and trying to stay sane. 3 adoptions, 45 foster children, a few losses of loved ones and we've made it this far. Fourteen years!  I love you Paul.


Words Are Not Enough
No words could ever tell you,No action could expressThe way I feel about you,With you, my life is blessed.
You're the light in my tunnel.You are my pot of gold.You are the strength that gets me throughWhen despair has taken hold.
You're my once in a lifetime.You make my life complete.You are my blue ribbonIn the shadow of defeat.
There's nothing I could ever say,And nothing I could doTo let you know just how muchLove is in my heart for you.

Poem by Denese H. Boyett: Words Are Not Enough

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