Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Warm Cozy Leggings are on Everyone's Christmas List This Year

Have you noticed all the cute leggings that are so hot this winter? I think we all learned from last winter that leggings are the best way to survive the brutal winter months. I saw some at a craft sale the other day....not for sale...they were on someones body...but that did not stop me from asking all about them. They were so stinking cute. My daughter would love to get some for Christmas so I went on the hunt for the cutest ones I could find. I have to admit I was surprised at the difference in the quality. I could find some for $9 at the GT Boutique which were really not very soft and cozy and there are some at the Mall but I did not like the patterns. As fate would have it my friend Vicki has signed with a company that sells them through an affiliate system. That counts as buying local to me. So this totally fits in with my plans to try to buy the bulk of my Christmas gifts from local women in business. Then I found out that they are launching December 1st. Its a brand new company that is here to capitalize on our need for cozy leggings. I love it. I signed up under Vicki because my Mama didn't raise any fools. The kit comes with four pairs of leggings for less than $40. Then I can get 25% off all the leggings that I am going to end up buying for myself and my daughter anyway. Did I tell you how much I love this idea. If you are like me and are thinking that this is a great way to get some awesome cozy legging for everyone on your list email me and I will send you information on becoming a Buskins affiliate.  mygrandmasteacups@gmail.com

Buskins Affiliate Program