Tuesday, 28 January 2014

February Is Heart & Stroke Month

Hello All
One of my major decisions for this year is to put more time into things that I value. My top five values fall under Faith, Family, Knowledge, Creativity and Purpose. I did allot of thinking in January to decide where I should be committing my time and resources and I realized that for me it included raising awareness and support for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

As many of you may already know my father died on March 4, 2011 after he suffered a massive stroke. My sisters and I had to sit idly by as our father just drifted away from us. Last week my godfather also died from a stroke. Ironically I had already contacted the Heart and Stroke Foundation to find out what I could do as a fundraiser. I think maybe God wanted to be sure the wheels were in motion before I got so angry at strokes that I would not want to help out. Now I am just plain frustrated.

I want to help raise awareness so other people won't have to lose their loved ones to this.  I am asking you now, one woman to another, please help me raise awareness and support. I certainly don't have any money to give, but I have time.....computer skills and a bit of social media know how so that is what I am going to donate. Maybe you have time to canvass door to door, or start an online campaign  or pass out brochures? Maybe you have ideas of your own. I know that you are very creative individuals. So please take a few moments during the month of February to think about what you can do to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

So far I have started an online campaign, a 31 Gifts Tote Fundraiser and I plan to be tweeting and messaging about Heart and Stroke all month.  I am not done yet! I am going to keep wracking my brain all month to think of things.  If you have any ideas to share please do.  I know so many of you have been touched by Heart Disease and Strokes...can you share you story?

Please be sure to join me  My Grandma's Teacups on Facebook to keep up with my efforts. If you are able, please visit my online donation page in memory of my Dad Heart & Stroke Fundraiser. If you live locally and would like to purchase a 31 Gifts tote for $40 ($10 from each tote will be donated to Heart and Stroke Foundation) please message me and I will send you the information. Please keep my tweets and Facebook posts going....every little bit helps.

Thank you so much for all of your support.

Where do your donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation Go