Monday, 16 December 2013

My Christmas gift List: Baubles, Blings and Other Things

Sometimes the world just seems to introduce you to amazing new people at just the right time.  A few weeks ago I was trying to destash my existing workspace so that it would be a bit roomier in my new studio.  Several of the items that I wanted to let go I listed in a local yard sale site.  When we were arranging to have one item picked up the lady who was purchasing it recognized my name.  Ok, for some of you that may not be very strange, but I don't know allot of people around here really so for someone to know my name and where I live is something a bit unusual.  It turns out Erin is my Mail Carrier when our regular Mailman is away (Mark is the greatest mail carrier in the world and I can't apologise enough for the hundreds and hundreds of small packages he has to deliver to my home every year). Sorry, back to my point. Erin and I started chatting about scrapbooking and running small businesses and it turns out she has a really neat jewelry business.  If you want to find the perfect piece of jewelry for someone on your list, Erin Foster is your go-to girl.

Baubles, Blings and Other Things

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