Monday, 6 May 2013

Blue Box Boredom

Tiger and I went grocery shopping this morning and low and behold the "every penny pinching family's" staple was on sale. You know which one I mean.  I grabbed up a case and threw it onto my overstocked cart.  As I veered toward the check out lane I could faintly hear my middle son's voice ringing in my head. "Not macaroni again!" it cried in agony. I tried to push it out of my mind.  Everyone loves macaroni and cheese right? Then my thoughts turned to my Mom who flat out declines any lunch offer that includes the enticement of a warm bowl of KD. In an effort to appease my guilty inner self as well as to balance my grocery budget I decided the best course of action was to explore ways to use my beloved budget friendly food item incognito.  Well, you may or may not know this but I am a huge pinterest fan so my go to move was to check out recipes there.  To my amazement there is a board with 7,994 followers who's sole purpose is the reconstruction of this tried and true meal.  You really need to visit the board to truly appreciate the magnitude of what has been accomplished on this frontier. Obviously many hard core KD lovers have been hard at work trying to rework mac n cheese restoring it to its former "Family Favourite" title.  The Kraft Website lists several ideas for mixing it up (117 in case your wondering...who knew)
I really suggest doing your taste buds a favour and checking out <a href=""></a>. They are the same recipes but it is so much more fun to drool over multiple pictures of cheesy goodness at once. 
Good luck with your own concoctions. As for me, I will just be doing the canned ham and blue box trick.