Friday, 5 April 2013


For whatever reason I woke up really early this morning and could not get back to sleep.  I lay there in the quiet as my children were all dreaming contently.  About 7:00 I heard my littlest man start to rustle. I felt the joy of what I knew would come next fill my heart. "Good Morning Mommy". This is the way Tiger starts each day before bounding on top of me to cozy up in my bed.  That is always it.  Like the green flag in a race.  The two ten year olds come in an jump up in my bed.  This morning it struck me how few years of these moments are left. How long will they all come in so joyfully each morning to share a short snuggle.  When Tiger lay down this afternoon for a rare afternoon nap I spent a few extra moments watching him breathing. The soft baby curls that were tickling the back of his neck today will soon fade as will the last little baby fat in his cheeks.  It all goes so fast.  I feel so blessed that today I had a chance to really observe it all as though time stood still and I know they are the moments that I am going to tuck away in my heart.  Take time today to experience your life the way it is in this season.  Collect the feelings so that you can reflect on them in times to come. Have a wonderful weekend.