Friday, 22 March 2013

Tea for Two

Sometimes in my race to accomplish my to do list for the day I forget to put hospitality high enough in my priorities.  I cant tell you how many times while I was a Foster Parent that I rushed through a meeting with a worker without even offering them a glass of water let alone a cup of tea.  In January I pushed myself to go out there and make someone feel more at home.  My husband questioned the value of the gesture but I decided to make cards for two new families that moved into our neighbourhood.  I procrastinated for most of the month letting thoughts of "Does it really matter" sap my energy for the task.  Finally one sunny brisk morning I bundled up my kidlets and we trucked off down the road to deliver my cards.  The first family was away but I left the card for them with someone that was installing their new floors.  The second recipient was home and a bit overwhelmed I think with the prospect of someone knocking on their door.  The cards as it was, were merely simple note cards with pertinent information about our community like recycling days, soccer sign up and what day the dump is open.  Later that week I received a thank you card in the mail with writing on both sides letting me know how much the card and introduction had made the family feel at home. It seems the wife was the caregiver for her ailing father and was feeling a little shut in.  The next day I received a call from the second neighbour again saying how much it meant to be made feel welcome.  I was overjoyed at the response.  Such a little gesture had improved the first impressions of our community to two families.  Today my new friend from the down the road came for tea.  The support worker for her father was there so she had just enough time to walk down to my place and catch her breath.  We had so much in common I was shocked.  She loves scrapbooking and camping and gardening.  We exchanged reviews of different cricut cartridges and perused her friends copy of Pampered Chef ( I am so getting a pizza stone).  The moral of my very long story here is that sometimes taking the time to reach out and show someone you noticed them can reap a large bounty of goodwill.  What can you do today to improve the outlook of someone you don't know yet?